Oil and Gas



KAH is the leader in oil field support business since 2012, we have executed more than $10 million in value oil and gas contracts with high profile companies in last 8 years operating in kurdistan and within iraq.

Fuel supply, strategic storage, and design

With 10 years of experience in fuel trading and supply, a fleet of 15 trucks with a capacity of 23,000 liters each and 40 million liters strategic fuel storage we help our clients in the design and developing their own fuel storage by providing the best consulting to build, secure and maintain according to the international standard.

Procurement and sourcing

With 4 offices around the globe and a network of professional people and 2 freight hubs, we help our clients in sourcing a wide range of products, KAH has a catalog of 2500 different products for different sectors.
we helped many companies to get high technology and sophisticated products by establishing a network of relations with the manufacturers in Europe, North America, and East Asia.

Camp construction

The existence of oil companies in Kurdistan and the huge demand on ready-made structures gave us a wide vision to the necessity to invest in this sector, also involving in this sector improved our knowledge about the quality of materials, specifications and supply sources with best prices that way can fit with client budget.

We have contacted several vendors from Turkey and have been able to source the best qualities of prefabricated panel manufacturers with decades of experience in the regions market that made thousands of units for army and other organizations around Middle East countries.
Also our company provides camp maintenancce service this includes small fixes to facility makeover, and camp fixes during the move.

Logistics and shipping

Catering and life support

Products and brand we provide for oil and gas sector